SNL#25: You love scandal

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I often struggle to come up with pithy little openings to these. To deal with creative blocks of this type, I've found that lowering my expectations and getting meta usually does the trick. Creative blocks feel a lot like reaching a peak in a mountain range of results, and it's my hesitation to descend into a valley, in pursuit of the next peak, that blocks me.

Zoom out this weekend, Stackers!

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We have a few folks planned but haven't coordinated times yet. Watch SN's Twitter for announcements.

Top Posts
  1. Alex Gladstein, CSO of HRF, did an AMA. We learn about the best ways to help people living in North Korea, mobile internet access trends in Sudan, HRF's path to Bitcoin via Julian Assange, and much more!
  2. @hj takes us for a rollercoaster ride arguing that while The West doesn't seem to need Bitcoin, many parts of the world do. It is original content and very well formatted.
  3. Fedi, tasked with building a wallet for the federated e-cash protocol Fedimint, revealed itself after having raised 4.2m.
  4. Soft Simon, creator of The Mempool Open Source Project, did an AMA. We learn about Mempool's plans to visualize second layers, FOSS funding, Simon's thoughts on a fixed security budget and more!
  5. John Cantrell, founder of Sensei, did an AMA. We learn about John's past experience as a successful entrepreneur, the Spiral grant process, Sensei, ldk, education as the biggest thing lacking in Bitcoin, and much more!
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Top Jobs
  1. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Experienced Software Engineer & Remnant \ Plebeian.Technology \ Remote
  3. Mobile app developer - React Native \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  4. Backend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  5. Frontend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote

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