Car talks with Jose Burgos. They discuss life and work in podcasting. They also dive into stoicism, psilocybin, vlad vs peter, creative obsession and why Jose left his hometown in Massachusetts.


  • moving to austin
  • southern hospitality
  • bitcoin takeover
  • vlad vs peter
  • Damus is next
  • defecting from bitcoin twitter
  • bitcoin miami
  • talking in bits
  • unchained team
  • stoicism
  • marcus aurelius
  • finding talent
  • psilocybin
  • medicinal drugs
  • human experience
  • 420
  • tin foil hat
  • micro dosing baking
  • planet k
  • puerto rico
  • childrens hospital of boston
  • podcasting is hard?
  • podcasting 2.0
  • work ethic
  • phantom thread
  • creative obsession
  • value for value

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