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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Modern humans appear to be at least 200,000 years old. Did all those generations of humans, just as smart as you, fail to invent agriculture or advanced tools for 190,000 years? Might there have been advanced ancient civilizations?

Graham Hancock's recently released Netflix series, Ancient Apocalypse, compiles the little known and remaining evidence for such a civilization. Regardless of whether you agree with Hancock's theories about the dating, origins, and purpose of ancient megalithic structures, the series will make you rethink ancient humans.

If an Atlantis-like civilization were to have existed, wiped out by a sudden 400 ft sea level rise at the end of the last ice age as Hancock imagines, what type of money would they have used? Given Hancock's evidence of low time preference behavior, I'd guess it wasn't fiat.

Let's thank the humans that came before us this weekend, stackers!

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  1. @artdesignbySF released a fun art series titled Greedy pigs featuring prominent autocrats midjournied into pigs.
  2. Binance flooded the mempool with UTXO consolidations again. As back in May, many of the txs filling up the mempool involve an address associated with the exchange.
  3. The Blockstream Jade team stopped by for an AMA. We learn about their latest firmware update enabling the hardware wallet's camera for air-gapped tx signing. We also learned about security tradeoffs in hardware wallet design, how they attempt to reduce exploit surface area, and more!
  4. In @joemartinmusic's latest music value for value experiment, he shared his country music single on Fountain. IMO this is the right kind of hack, and something companies like Wavlake will provide natively soon.
  5. Another Lightning exploit tool was released, preimage stealer, targeting preimage reuse. Funds in route on Lightning get unlocked when the receiver releases a secret, aka a preimage. These secrets should strictly be one time use, else people with knowledge of past secrets can take funds intended for the receiver. This tool builds a database of previously seen secrets, waiting for them to be reused so it can steal funds.
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