Car and Jose weave through many topics, picking up where they left off on the TIB pod. They explore Elon's multifaceted impact on the blue checks within bitcoin and digital culture. Car navigates the discussion around the silent war of information, emphasizing the importance of informing the public and preparing for potential societal shifts. They also discuss practical aspects of podcasting and live events, including gear talk and minimalist creation, while ending on an engaging convo around the term pleb.

Topics discussed:

  • hard in the paint, bitcoiners
  • wechat
  • elon
  • blue checks
  • upstream surveillance
  • cryptosovereignty
  • round rock bitcoiners
  • informing the public
  • silent war
  • church
  • preparation
  • patriots
  • stoics
  • texas triangle
  • doomsday scenario
  • seneca
  • r u prepared
  • informing the public
  • production work
  • gear talk
  • live events
  • minimalist creation
  • matcher
  • pleb talk

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