Car talks with John. They discuss creating the ultimate bitcoin toolkit. They also dive into decentralized widgets, slashtags, tokens on lightning, and how Synonym redefines the user experience with Bitkit.


  • bitkit wallet
  • bitcoin toolkit
  • hypercore
  • tether
  • tokens on lightning
  • taro
  • lnurl
  • bolt 12
  • web of trust
  • stacker news
  • lnmarkets
  • history of tokens on bitcoin
  • colored coins
  • alby wallet
  • counterparty
  • omni
  • bitfinex
  • rgb
  • keet
  • ldk
  • lnd
  • creating a vision
  • business development
  • complexity
  • maximalism
  • predictions for the bear market
  • pleblab
  • abc meetup
  • austin scene

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