As our dollars continue to debase at an accelerating rate, it has become even more apparent that bitcoin projects need to double down in pursuit of the vision. With the incursion of "the twenty-tens" era of fintech companies finally entering the space. Bitcoin projects are at an even greater risk of moving toward the middle.

Whats the middle? It is the known market space. Boundaries that are already defined and accepted.

The middle is settling for an already established value proposition that does not differentiate your company from your fiat competitors.

After the FTX debacle, products like Ramp, MoonPay and Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto widget are going to be essential. They can make it easier to avoid centralized exchanges. And it’s good to see that there are multiple companies working on that issue.

Our goal as builders in the bitcoin space is to make everything as frictionless as possible. The Stripes of the world will continue to supply KYC/AML to its customers and are always one line of code away from inserting central bank digital currencies. Nonetheless, some of the most extraordinary historical expansions happened while pursuing the vision. No matter how successful and profitable they become, it will require you to go to great lengths to gather as many resources as possible to stay away from the middle.

Prior to 2009, one of the greatest challenges facing small business owners wasn’t how to compete with huge e-commerce retailers like Amazon. It wasn’t finding skilled staff, negotiating the price of commercial real estate, or paying punitive taxes. It was processing credit card payments.

It's always great to remember that capital is not always a predictor of success. True innovation can create breakout products and applications when a team pursues the vision. A firm foundation of systems and processes can provide safer paths to the intended goal when things go wrong because they will go wrong. Fixing a problem with a developed plan is far more manageable. Remember, sincerity and openness can stabilize a team when facing setbacks. Stay resilient, frens, and pursue the vision.

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