We didn’t want to just sit and witness the “sovereign individual” thesis play out, we wanted to accelerate it. We are helping the free market evolve to make governments compete for your wealth and fruits of your labor, while incentivizing them to provide you with better services at better prices.

Katie and Jessica have been on an accelerated path for Plan B passports this year. Starting with a Open Letter to President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele.

The open letter discussed citizenship-by-investment for Bitcoiners and how Plan B passports could help facilitate the process. Katie has been building Plan B passports for over the last few years. She also brought on Jessica Hodlr to help with well...everything.

🤣 I have noticed the memes have become hilarious.

🤠 They also just launched The Bittersweet Podcast

A very short episode discussing NAP and mental stability while the state and media execute their divide and concur strategy

🔥🔥🔥 Plan B passports also hosted The Underground Citadel in Miami this past week

🤫 What we can share

Texas Slim, Francis and RadAK47 were dropping some based information most Bitcoiners should know.

The Underground Citadel took place in Miami during the Bitcoin Conference in an undisclosed location. "The talks felt more family friendly this time around" said an Anon attending the UC. It was obvious to many people in attendance this UC was going to be a little different than years past.

As you can see Plebs, Plan B passports is accelerating the evolution of the free market to make governments compete for the fruits of your labor, incentivizing them to provide you with better services at better prices. They also are dropping based content that most Bitcoiners love to learn. We all know Austin is the Mecca but getting a second passport is easier than ever and Plan B helps you through the entire process.