Nostr grassroots movement is taking off! One of the biggest limitations with Nostr has been looking for moar channels and finding all your frens. Nostr Fzf just unlocked search in an easy to use website. Nostr search is here!

The world lost a queen last week. #QueenElizabethIIMemorial

Are you mourning anon?

With her death Thursday, at the age of 96. Elizabeth was the only Queen most of us will have ever known.

What if I told you with Nostr you could mourn with your frens.

🔍 Meet _Nostr FZf

Nostr Fzf is an easy to use website that lets you search users and channels

Nostr Fzf makes searching for channels really easy. The nostr universe is bigger than you know. It currently has 152 channels and its growing by the day. User accounts are just over 2992 at the time of this post.

Nostr Fzf has a nice searchy vibe to it. It even sports a fat mickey mouse pointer thats just too adorable. Nostr Fzf  also makes searching for your frens really easy as well with the option of selecting unverified users and verified users.

Once you have selected your channel head back to Anigma and add it under manage channels. It's that easy.

its easy to add #KeepAustinPleb channel id to Anigma from Nostr Fzf

Nostr keeps getting better

🏄"nostr" stands for "Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays" and is an open protocol for censorship-resistant global networks created by @fiatjaf.

Nostr is a very lightweight open protocol that "has a chance to work" (as per the project doc) as a decentralized social media platform. The protocol specs are defined in NIPs (Nostr Improvement Proposals) and can be found here.

The greatest thing about all this is the interoperability with the nostr protocol. Its game changing!

GitHub - aljazceru/awesome-nostr: A cureated list of nostr projects and resources
A cureated list of nostr projects and resources . Contribute to aljazceru/awesome-nostr development by creating an account on GitHub.

If you are interested in nostr clients check out Anigma, Damus, Astral, and Nostr console. We need more social media platforms that don't act against the incentives of their users. For more nostr 🏄 catch the full curated list of nostr projects and resources above.