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  1. AcceptLN allows you to send bitcoin to arbitrary email addresses.
  2. um no comment lol
  3. @jimmysong reminds us that bitcoin solved a problem that was thought to be unsolvable.
  4. Bitescrow released its core protocol and API. Using Musig2, it's expected to power everything from multiparty bets to institutional-grade escrow.
  5. They may be a @bitcrazy, but assuming you can pay with bitcoin (rather than asking) might yield a higher orange pill conversion rate.
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The Lightning Network as a whole has a density of 0.2%. That means that out of all the channel that could exist, only 0.2% do.
If you took the betweenness centrality of every node:

Top 1000
  • Connections between the top 1000 nodes would account for 42% of existing network connectivity.
  • The subgraph of the top 1000 nodes has a density of 6%.
Top 100
  • Connections between the top 100 nodes would account for 4% of existing network connectivity.
  • The subgraph of the top 100 nodes has a density of 30%.
# 1
  • The #1 node has direct channels with 25% of the network.

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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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