Car talks with Brandon Keys from Green Candle Investments to delve into the macroeconomic landscape of Q4 2023. The conversation spans a range of topics, from the ramifications of Bitcoin ETFs and the transformative potential of commercial real estate on local communities to the increasing influence of tradfi in the space. Brandon also sheds light on prevailing issues such as the black rock front-running, market distractions, and the varying global perceptions shaping our reality.

  • bitcoin price
  • bitcoin etf
  • microstrategy
  • tradfi
  • plebs hodlng
  • green candle
  • fiat red tape
  • macro Q4
  • mortgage rates
  • housing market
  • different realities
  • commercial real estate
  • rates increasing
  • private equity
  • job market
  • going into the halving
  • zombie companies
  • the slash on saas
  • etf rug pull
  • 2024
  • argentina election
  • bitcoin building
  • bitcoin bay

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