Car talks with Gustavo of Wasabi Wallet and co-founder of Yopaki. Gustavo discusses his entrepreneurial journey while growing up in Montreal. He shares his transition from his involvement with Bull Bitcoin to moving to Austin, TX, eventually focusing on Bitcoin adoption in Mexico. The conversation delves into the social class dynamics in Mexico, the bitcoiner life in CDMX, and its growing community of expats. He also offers a reality check on the misconceptions surrounding the Mexican peso, the bureaucratic red tape to become a Bitcoin-only exchange, and the true picture of Mexico’s economic landscape.

Topics discussed:

  • growing up in montreal
  • bull bitcoin
  • austin, tx
  • mexico social class 
  • mexico city 
  • bitcoin adoption
  • expats
  • bitcoin only
  • red tape
  • peso misconceptions
  • mexico reality check 
  • remittances
  • yopaki
  • boots on the ground 
  • adopting bitcoin
  • bitso
  • writing
  • wasabi
  • pod
  • el salvador
  • ceviche

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