In this episode, Car talks with Brandon Keys from Green Candle Investments and dives into the macro outlook for Q2 of 2023. The discussion covers various topics, including the effects of Costco's business strategy, the potential impact of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on community banks, and the ongoing energy and money wars. Brandon also touches on the role of patriotism in America, flying cars, and the implications of increased surveillance on personal freedom. Finally, the conversation delves into the role of the Federal Reserve in managing unemployment, inflation, and interest rates, as well as the growth and influence of Bitcoin in the global economy.

  • costco
  • copy cats
  • macro learning curve
  • svb
  • small businesses
  • bonds
  • downturn
  • interest rates
  • startups
  • credit suisse
  • european banks
  • choke point?
  • community banks
  • cbdc's
  • energy war
  • money war
  • patriotism
  • texas mining
  • flying cars
  • doomy & gloomy
  • tick tock bill
  • surveillance
  • free world?
  • unemployment
  • fed
  • bitcoin
  • inflation
  • bitcoin building
  • bitcoin bay

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