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  1. UK courts are allowing Craig Wright to sue bitcoin core developers for bitcoin he claims to have lost in a theft. In Of Regrets, bitcoin core developer and one of sixteen defendants in the suit, laawnj, laments their contribution to open source. If this suit proceeds, and particularly if CSW wins, all open source code becomes a potential liability for its developers.
  2. To maintain and maximize anonymity, Sivers proposes you create a persona, a fake but complete and believable identity. Alternative forms of anonymity broadcast that you're hiding information which gives people reason to find what you're hiding.
  3. Breeze announced their Lightning as a Service SDK. Breez's SDK is a meta-API providing a uniform interface for Blockstream's Greenlight, Breeze's LSP, and other infrastructure. Providing non-custodial lightning might soon be a ... Breez.
  4. The popular game word guessing game, Wordle, has been cloned and made available as a nostr bot named Cowdle. Mention their pubkey to begin playing for a chance to win bitcoin.
  5. Nostr sucks: A contrarian viewpoint attempts to start a discussion around the flaws in nostr's design. Interesting points are raised, but the facts are: nostr is growing and talk is cheap.
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