Car talks with Sam and Michael, the founders of Wavlake. They dive deep into the intricate challenges and rewarding realities of building a successful business, emphasizing the crucial role of trust between partners and the art of crafting a distinctive brand identity. The discussion also highlights Wavlake's significant growth in its user base and artist community, illustrating the platform's effective strategy in fostering a vibrant, two-sided market in the music industry. A focal point of their talk is the pioneering features of Wavlake, especially its Zaps functionality, which is transforming the way artists and listeners interact. Additionally, they delve into the rapidly evolving music and technology scene, discussing the impactful role of AI, the revival of vinyl records, and the broader cultural implications, including the influence of the Apple App Store on Bitcoin companies, artists, and their audiences.

Topics discussed:

  • pleblab move
  • new space
  • bitcoin founders
  • reality of building
  • partner trust
  • business talk
  • product talk
  • branding and style
  • user growth, artist growth
  • two sided market
  • creating a company
  • bandcamp
  • spotify
  • royalties
  • ai music
  • analog
  • autotune
  • cher
  • daft punk
  • ai artists
  • sampling era
  • zapping drake
  • music culture
  • lightning festival
  • vinyl records
  • physical items 
  • joe martin
  • wavlake artists
  • wavlake users
  • music pods
  • wavlake app
  • apple lightning
  • app store risks
  • pwa
  • wavpod

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