Thats right Stacker News and Lightning Escrow have been selected for Pitch Day in Miami.

Bitcoin 2022 has created a platform for the next generation of Bitcoin startups to meet, build and get in front of the community. Well in support of the upcoming generation of builders, Bitcoin 2022 will be giving a platform for early-stage teams to put their ideas and products to the test in a pitch day format at the conference on April 6th.

Mr. Wonderful is 1 of 13 judges who Keyan and Tristan will be pitching to.

Both Stacker News and Lightning Escrow were 1 of 7 selected in their respective categories. Stacker News just finished up a pre-seed in early January. Also it is no secret Lightning Escrow is in the process of raising after Tristan ignited the financial district in Austin during ABC in early January. Both bitcoin startups are rolling in hot into Miami. 🔥🔥🔥