Car sat down with Christopher David, the founder and CEO of GPUtopia, to discuss his journey of establishing an AI company rooted in Bitcoin. The conversation gravitates towards the dangers of centralized AI control, sounding the alarm on its existential risks. They discuss envisioning a future where democratized access to AI resources is the norm, asserting that the ascendancy of truly open AI is both imminent and necessary.

Topics discussed:

  • sam altman
  • open ai
  • jony ive orb
  • dystopian tech
  • silicon valley
  • china
  • amd nvida
  • gpu compute
  • gputopia api
  • data buffet
  • gpt4
  • llms
  • open source
  • bitcoin
  • machine to machine
  • pleblab
  • austin
  • nyc
  • marketplace
  • order book
  • based future

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