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  1. Let's discuss El Salvador's Volcano 🌋Tokens. Here's ABSOLUTELY everything by @mallardshead explains how to buy Volcano Tokens, what qualifies them as legal securities, how long it takes to double your money, how Bitcoin City is a rebrand for a planned city China wanted to build as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, and ... well, everything.
  2. Why Everyone Should Care About Privacy by @kepford argues there's a universal need for privacy. They recommend minimum viable privacy practices and introduce us to threat modeling.
  3. @siggy47 follows up A Basic Guide To Making The Switch To Graphene OS with My Graphene OS Journey So Far. In summary his battery life is excellent, life without the Google Play Store ain't so bad, and the many google app alternatives work better than you'd think.
  4. The food pyramid? Home ownership in the face of property taxes? Week-weekend duality? Name a scam that’s so ingrained, we don’t realize it’s a scam (besides fiat) asks us to name scams hiding in plain sight.
  5. @grayruby expects bitcoin parents pass along more than bitcoin. Proof of Work kids shares @grayruby's parenting mantras and asks stackers for theirs.
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