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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

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  1. Submarine swaps are atomic operations (ie all stages of the operation happen or none happen) that move on-chain Bitcoin to Lightning (swapping in) or Lightning to on-chain (swapping out). To learn more about submarine swaps and related services read @aftermath's Submarine Swaps Guide.
  2. As recent attendees might know, Bitcoin Magazine's Bitcoin Conference - while remaining bitcoin focused - hasn't exactly remained Bitcoin-only. @BITC0IN argues Bitcoiners should Boycott Bitcoin Magazine & Their Shitcoin Conference.
  3. Civ-Kit, a P2P marketplace design, released its whitepaper on the bitcoin-dev mailing list. A collaboration between Ray Youssef, Antoine Riard, and Nicholas Gregory, Civ-Kit proposes use of Lightning onion messages for comms, nostr for the order book, Bitcoin script (or hodl invoices) for escrow, and Web-of-Stakes for sybil resistance.
  4. There aren't many songs about Bitcoin and cryptography, but they probably don't include The unsung Heroes of Bitcoin, Cryptography.
  5. If Bitcoin is "mined," then so are lottery winnings. Gigi reminds us again that the words we use are important and Bitcoins Are Not Mined, They Are Issued over Time.
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