It's been a great week for building in Austin. The bear market has become all signal at this point. If you have yet to learn, most know now after seeing everything this week. Capital is not always a predictor of success. Obsession and a sheer will to do what everyone else views as uninteresting are more than enough. This week I want to write about a few things I am noticing as a trend in the builder space.

Twitter is going backward...

Among other things, Twitter now suspends anyone for posting about Nostr and other social networks, leading to an even more echo chamber than Twitter already has. Users of Twitter come there for discussion, but even that is less and less these days. Seriously think about how many people comment or like what you say on Twitter, and even fewer the follower-to-like comment ratio is meager. Twitter has become a one-way conversation for a while, and this seals its fate sooner.

What a week for Nostr...

Nostr is onboarding users every handful of seconds. Damus is taking off!

#NostrNovember was a success. Seeing how much nostr has grown over a couple of weeks is remarkable. The move was to get more and more people using and building on nostr. Before that, nostr had seen tremendous developer growth over the last few months, and it was only starting to take shape. Open protocols like nostr are essential for the web, ensuring that different systems and devices can work together seamlessly. The nostr protocol was developed by a community of volunteers rather than owned by a single company or organization. To see this sprout out of a small grass movement of developers in Bitcoin is unique. We are quickly learning that you must have a more traditional, grassroots approach to your ground game. But the pace-setting is far more critical and often overlooked by many. Nostr proved both.

PlebDev course...

Here at PlebLab, we have seen incredible numbers coming in for the PlebDev udemy course. It was released a week ago and has had over 274 enrollments in the past 14 days. What I continue to see on the front lines is the simple fact that more and more people are seeking to retrain to take advantage of the increasing number of job opportunities in our space. Some of us saw this coming in 2020, which led me to pursue PlebLab and Thriller. This simple fact will become even more apparent to the masses in 2023. The PlebDev course was an essential first step because, at its core, the displacement of workers in traditionally blue-collar industries needs adequate training and support for those seeking to transition into new careers in bitcoin. Right now, demand for developers with higher salaries and better job security is off the charts.

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool."  - Lester Bangs

December sponsor at Thriller is PlebLab