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Upcoming AMAs
  • Calle, physicist and programmer, will be doing an AMA Tuesday December 20th at 10a CT. Calle is known for his contributions to LNBits, LightningTipBot, and most recently Cashu, an ecash wallet and mint with Bitcoin and Lightning support.
  • Fulgur Ventures, early stage investor in Bitcoin and Lightning startups, will be doing an AMA Wednesday December 21st at 11a CT. Most VC-backed Bitcoin startups have made contact with Fulgur at some point. Their portfolio is star-studded having invested in Voltage, Galoy, and Umbrel just to name a few.
Top Posts
  1. Jack Dorsey has been nostr pilled! His nostr pubkey is even in his Twitter bio. After writing a long form article titled a native internet protocol for social media, laying out the mistakes he made at Twitter and how decentralization prevents them, benthecarman made him aware of nostr. Soon he donated 14BTC to nostr and its creator fiatjaf to be deploy as laid out in this google doc. Nostr relays are melting from the flood of recent traffic. tldr Real recognizes real.
  2. Breez raised $4.5 million in funding led by Ego Death Capital and Entrée Capital. Breez has front run most Lightning applications, being the first company to provide sat streaming for podcasts and an early Point of Sale solution alongside its non-custodial mobile wallet. This latest raise has Breez graduating to a Lightning as a Service (LaaS) company.
  3. Ray Youssef, gregarious founder of the P2P Bitcoin trading platform Paxful, announced Paxful will be removing Ethereum support citing integrity. The move will render Paxful a bitcoin-only company sparing stablecoins Tether and USDC.
  4. @santos, self-proclaimed autodidact, teased Emeralize, a product that's "like Substack x Udemy x meets Lightning Network" with a planned launch date of 1/3/23. Global money meets global learning? Sounds good to me.
  5. Lucent Labs announced a beta for Bolt Node and Bitcoin Cache. While details are fairly scant, the services are familiar but geared toward enterprise with promises of being Open Source. Bolt Node appears to be a Voltage-like service with more templating and automation, and Bitcoin Cache appears to be a multi-sig solution, perhaps like Casa's.
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  1. Transcript Proofreader \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Senior Frontend Engineer \ Amboss Technologies \ Remote
  3. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote

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