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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

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  1. Murch, longtime bitcoin contributor and educator, did an AMA. We learn how Murch views core devs stepping down, when he thinks bolt12 will usurp lnurl, how to improve lightning, his favorite board games, and more!
  2. Blastr blasts your nostr events to most known public relays. If you want to make sure your nostr content is seen, add wss:// to your relay list.
  3. Blue Wallet is sunsetting their custodial lightning wallet, Users have over 2 months to move their sats from to another, preferably non-custodial wallet. Note: this announcement only affects use of their custodial lightning wallet and not their bitcoin wallet or lndhub software you self-host.
  4. The latest Bitcoin Core developer to step down amid Craig Wright's latest frivolous lawsuit is MarcoFalke.
  5. Apparently bitcoiners hate carless cities? I probably missed a twitter thread somewhere, but I agree with @mallardshead. Cars suck on dimensions bitcoiners care about: KYC, privacy, over-powered law enforcement, and debt slavery. Cars are amazing machines, but have they become more central to modern life than they deserve?
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  1. Chile grocery photos \ Stakwork \ Chile
  2. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote
  3. Senior Rust Applications & Frameworks Engineer \ Foundation \ Remote
  4. Head of Growth \ Foundation \ Remote
  5. Everything Engineer \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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