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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

As silly as it sounds, one of my recent TV guilty pleasures has been Project Runway. What's surprising to me is how much translates between art and design disciplines. While there's obviously no sewing in glass blowing or oil painting, naive designers in all disciplines produce things that are basic, dated, cartoony, and poorly executed - in addition to struggling with constraints. The best designs on the other hand have a distinct point of view, challenge assumptions, and are heavily edited, appearing both fresh and refined. Aesthetic opinions differ wildly, but most people recognize bold decisions and great execution when they see it. And occasionally, a design transcends point of view entirely.

Find beauty this weekend, stackers!

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Top Posts
  1. Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, did an AMA. By comment count, this was our most popular AMA to date, receiving 133 comments. Lyn generously came back again and again to provide absolutely excellent answers.
  2. The world's most popular Bitcoin block explorer,, added a Lightning explorer. Differing from Amboss and the newer Exponential Layers,'s explorer appears more focused on visualizing high level network stats, categorizing nodes by ISP and geographic location.
  3. @KyleOfTheCorn writes Do you run your own node? reminding us that we don't need dedicated hardware to run a Bitcoin/Lightning node. Kyle argues that the presumed prerequisite of dedicated hardware detracts from self-custody, and suggests new-coiners get started by using their personal computers.
  4. Robosats, the P2P Lightning exchange, released an Umbrel app. While you're still dependent on a centralized order book, API, and custodial escrow, the app allows you to self-host Robosats' frontend.
  5. Graham Krizek, founder and CEO of Voltage, did an AMA. We learn that Voltage is Graham's Ikigai, how he chooses team members, wen Core Lightning, what he thinks of Taro, and more.
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Top Jobs
  1. Complete small front end tasks for sats \ Sphinx \ Remote
  2. Earn sats by timestamping Keto podcasts and videos \ Stakwork \ Remote
  3. Earn sats by timestamping Libertarianism podcasts and videos \ Stakwork \ Remote
  4. LN full stack engineer \ (stealth) \ Remote
  5. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  6. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
  7. Mobile Engineer \ Fedi \ Remote
  8. Write your El Salvador story for our website! \ Escape to El Salvador \ El Salvador or Remote

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