SNL#27: The full austin bitcoin experience with Kevin Rooke

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Help is the last thing some people ask for. It's virtuous to contain your struggles, but only to a point.

This weekend, ask for help on something you've been struggling with, stackers!

Upcoming AMAs

We have three AMAs scheduled for this week!

  • William Casarin, founder of Damus, will be doing an AMA Monday August 8th at 12p CT. Damus is built on the popular protocol nostr and promises to deliver a decentralized Twitter-like experience with bitcoin integrated throughout.
  • Alyse Killeen, GP of Stillmark, will be doing an AMA Wednesday August 9th at 1p CT. Alyse has invested in most the bitcoin companies you've heard of and nearly everyone describes her as some version of "whip smart."
  • Abubakar Nur Khalil, bitcoin core contributor and CEO/CTO of Recursive Capital, will be doing an AMA Thursday August 11th at 10a CT. Recursive is an early-stage bitcoin fund focused on payments and protocols that are built on bitcoin, preserve bitcoin's properties, and will transform Africa's digital economy.
Top Posts
  1. Pierre Rochard, cohost of the Noded Podcast and VP of Reseach at Riot, did an AMA. We learn about Pierre's turn from atheism, running a Lightning node at Kraken, his journey from goldbug to Bitcoin, and much more.
  2. Allen Farrington, investor and author of Bitcoin is Venice, did an AMA. We learn about where yield comes from, thinking in bitcoin-denominated terms, his (stealthy and self-described unexciting) new business venture, and much more!
  3. The world's most famous Satoshi LARPer, Craig Wright, "lost" his libel suit against Peter McCormack for advancing "a deliberately false case" and putting forward "deliberately false evidence" only recovering a single British pound in the suit. The judgement demonstrates how difficult it is to prove Craig is a fraud given the real Satoshi's absense. Regardless, it feels like a victory for truth.
  4. Following a post asking For those who dislike Monero…why? and the resulting 142 comment flamewar, Jimmy Song asks how to prevent this place from getting overrun by altcoiners? Speaking from experience, Jimmy brainstorms how we'll keep SN bitcoin focused after so many platforms - Bitcoin Talk, then communities on Reddit and Twitter - suffered swarms of altcoin promoters. Both sethforprivacy and udi stop by to offer dissenting opinions.
  5. @linesgone, an American expat living Taipei, posted Hi, from Taiwan... on the day Pelosi landed in Taipei. The community asked them about sentiment in Taiwan and the bitcoin scene there. A testament to bitcoin's borderlessness, this post reminds me many SN members aren't stateside - less than half of them are.
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Top Jobs
  1. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Experienced Software Engineer & Remnant \ Plebeian.Technology \ Remote
  3. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
  4. Backend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote

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