SNL#24: The pool is 10ft away from my bedroom

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I'm a pretty big fan of the television show Alone, where 10 people are left alone in the wilderness with a handful of allowed tools, and the last person standing wins $500k. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is tool choice. The constraints clarify which tools are most important for wilderness survival and which are not.

If you could only bring one ability with you through life, stackers, what would it be? Mine would be the ability to change people's incentives.

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We have three this week!

  1. Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer at HRF, will be doing an AMA on Tuesday July 19th at 12p CT.
  2. John Cantrell, founder of Sensei, will be doing an AMA on Wednesday July 20th at 10a CT.
  3. Soft Simon, creator of The Mempool Open Source Project, will be doing an AMA on Friday July 22nd at 10a CT.
Top Posts
  1. The Federal Bank of Cleveland published research investigating the Lightning Network. Specifically, whether Lightning reduced demand for block space (yes), and whether Lightning's topology had an impact on block space demand (no).
  2. Evan Kaloudis, Founder of Zeus, did an AMA. We learn about Evan's plans to build a more beginner-friendly wallet along with an LSP, his excitement around privacy enhancements to Bitcoin, and much more!
  3. Kevin Rooke posted OC on the bitcoin capacity of exchange Lightning nodes. River added 72 bitcoin to their node in the last 30 days alone!
  4. We all got rick rolled by an OP_RETURN.
  5. @a asks Ask SN: how to contribute to Bitcoin core, or layers 2 and beyond?
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  1. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Experienced Software Engineer & Remnant \ Plebeian.Technology \ Remote
  3. Mobile app developer - React Native \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  4. Backend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  5. Frontend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote

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