SNL#18: They Like Woke Moderation only on BitcoinTV and

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,


If you're visiting Austin for Bitcoin++ next week, I highly recommend you don't stay in an AirBnB. 😛

Economic externalities come in all shapes and sizes. I'm looking forward to programmable money helping reduce them.

Conquer your weekend projects, stackers!

Upcoming AMA: The Guy who’s read more about Bitcoin than you, Guy Swann, will be doing an AMA Tuesday June 7th at 1pm CT. Guy is the host of the popular podcast Bitcoin Audible. Come ask Guy anything!

Top Posts

  1. LN Capital made a FOSS capital management dashboard for routing nodes. The dashboard gives you historical data of things like fee rate changes, HTLC limits, channel balance, etc.

  2. Zero Fee Routing had a great SN AMA. We learn a lot about the present and future of routing, CLN vs LND, and much more from one of the fastest growing routing nodes on Lightning.

  3. Seth for Privacy wrote a fairly comprehensive list of Bitcoin privacy proposals and their varying statuses. It's an incomplete but evolving document and well worth checking out.

  4. Exponential Layers is a new, polished looking Lightning explorer on the scene. They asked SN users for feature requests.

  5. New York is trying to ban fossil-fuel based mining operations

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Don't Miss

  1. A big routing node, medium_of_exchange, was compromised via a social engineering attack. Fortunately, they recovered most of the 32 Bitcoins stored on the node, but the node was forced to shut down.

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@CheezeGrater asks Stackers who are still tipping only 1 sat at a time, why?

Top Jobs
1. Senior Backend Engineer (Golang) \ NOAH \ London or Remote
2. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
3. Golang Developer \ NOAH.COM \ Remote

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