SNL#21: A small dose of shrooms

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Do you spend more time thinking about your wins or your losses? I'm not sure which is better, but I'd guess that for determined people, the answer should probably be both.

Celebrate your wins this weekend Stackers! (Maybe also reflect on your losses.)

Upcoming AMAs: We have two AMAs this week.

  1. Oscar Merry, CEO & Co-Founder of Fountain, will be doing an AMA on Monday June 27th at 10a CT. Fountain is my favorite value for value podcasting app, and they recently released the first of its kind listen-to-earn feature. Come ask Oscar anything!
  2. Bernard Parah, CEO & Co-Founder of Bitnob, will be doing an AMA on Thursday June 30th at 10a CT. Bitnob is a Bitcoin and USD stablecoin bank allowing its users to hedge against inflation and borrow against their holdings focusing on Africans and African businesses. Come ask Bernard anything!

Top Posts

  1. Tor is experiencing a sustained, network-wide DDOS attack that began on June 9th. The attack is significant enough that both Robosats and Bisq reported their services being affected.
  2. Fountain released v0.4.0 of the value for value podcasting app. The headline feature: you now earn Bitcoin for listening to podcasts on Fountain.
  3. SN user 0252c8b4c0 believed they lost .25 BTC due to a corrupted channel.db followed by their node crashing. Good news: they fully recovered their funds after a bit of lnd macgyvering.
  4. Sergej Kotliar, Bitrefill CEO, had their AMA. We learn about how Sergei views Bitrefill's role in Bitcoin, that 23% of their Bitcoin volume comes over Lightning, about Bitrefill's remote culture and more!
  5. Pavol Rusnak, Co-Founder of Satoshi Labs and Trezor, had their AMA. We learn about Trezor's plans for a Lightning send-only feature and a Bitcoin-only boot mode. We also learn more generically about privacy, self-custody, and hardware development from the OG!

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Top Jobs

  1. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  3. Create a visual graph display, earn 600000 sats \ Sphinx \ Remote
  4. User Interviews \ Stacker News \ Remote
  5. Native mobile developers (iOS & Android) \ Valera Labs \ Remote

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