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Sunday AMA with NVK
  • nvk, CEO and Cofounder of Coinkite, will be doing an AMA Sunday October 9th at 11a CT. Coinkite is well-known for building a variety of bitcoin-only hardware: the Coldcard signing device, the Opendime bearer insturment, and the Blockclock to only name a few. Coinkite produces some of my favorite bitcoin products, each clearly built from first-principles. Come ask nvk anything!
Upcoming AMAs
  • The team from Satsback, an online store portal rewarding you with sats back on purchases, will be doing an AMA Monday October 10th at 10a CT. Through Satsback you can earn sats back on purchases from companies like Adobe,, NordVPN, and more. Come ask Satsback anything!
  • The team from Geyser, a global bitcoin crowdfunding platform for builders and creators, will be doing an AMA Friday October 14th at 10a CT. Geyser has helped 25 projects raise over 5 BTC cumulatively and recently raised and distributed 1 BTC for Geyser Grants. Come ask Geyser anything!
Top Posts
  1. RoboSats, the popular P2P lightning exchange, once again reported record volume for September. They exchanged 11.26 BTC in September, a 23% increase from August.
  2. Bitcoin galaxy brain lord, Gigi, published the 6th chapter of 21 Ways, Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity. 21 Ways explores 21 ways to look at Bitcoin. In the 6th chapter, Gigi makes a distinction between digital money that has a trusted relationship to physical reality and bitcoin, which creates a trust-less relationship to physical reality by creating itself with energy and time.
  3. New stacker @juan has an idea for onboarding no-coiners to Lightning and is looking for teammates to build it during the Bolt.Fun Legends of Lightning hackathon. While @jaun's idea is similar to LN Cash, it differs in that it also functions as a custodial wallet, allowing no-coiners to hold their bitcoin until they're ready to move it.
  4. Wallet of Satoshi has been averaging almost 10k+ payments/day over the last couple months. Since its launch in early 2019, WoS has made 4.5m Lightning payments according to Kevin Rooke.
  5. Impervious has set October 19th as a general release date for its browser with Lightning integration, and P2P video chat and file sharing among other things. Many of us are curious what a Lightning-first browser will bring. I personally hope it's largely like Brave but without the shitcoin.
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  1. LN/Bitcoin developer: Backend to Mobile Wallet \ Anon \ Remote
  2. Writer and Content Creation Lead \ Alby \ Remote

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