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  1. Strike raised $90m, $80m, or $93m, depending on which source you trust, led by Ten31 joined by a few university endowments. Continuing its push to displace Visa and Mastercard, Strike will use the money to partner with major retailers, and enters the rarefied air of near-unicorn Bitcoin startups.
  2. Swan, the popular Bitcoin-only exchange, acquired Specter which makes the FOSS self-custody software Specter Desktop and Specter Firmware. According to Swan, the acquisition will help it provide self-custody solutions to its customers.
  3. Lightning Labs, the company behind the popular Lightning node implementation LND among other things, made its first Taro software release, a base layer Taro daemon. The daemon allows you to mint Taro assets in a Bitcoin UTXO and transfer them on the base layer, the first step to transferring Taro assets on Lightning.
  4. Bitcoin Core v24.0 release candidate is ready for testing. The testing guide requests tests be performed for IBD, wallet restoration and settings persistence from the GUI, transient addresses for I2P outbounds, and other changes.
  5. Microstrategy is hiring Lightning engineers for some kind of Lightning oriented SaaS platform "providing enterprises with innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges and enabling new eCommerce use-cases."

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  1. Knowledge Graph Prototype Tester \ Sphinx \ Remote
  2. LN/Bitcoin developer: Backend to Mobile Wallet \ Anon \ Remote
  3. Writer and Content Creation Lead \ Alby \ Remote
  4. Jr Frontend Engineer \ Geyser \ Remote

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  1. I'm a Bitcoin engineer looking to join a team!

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