Car and Jose delve into various topics, exploring the nuances of life, work, and personal growth. They kick off the discussion with the benefits of audio-only podcasting, emphasizing the intimate and engaging nature of the medium. They also touch on the importance of production work, nodding to the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Turning colorful as the hosts discuss the impact of purple lights on the ambiance and mood.

The conversation then shifts to the importance of paying it forward and the value of soft touches in our lives, which leads to a nostalgic look back at growing up and learning life's lessons. Jose discusses the art of spinning plates, relating it to the challenges of maintaining balance in various aspects of life. They share their thoughts on the importance of unchaining oneself from societal expectations and embracing authentic living.

Next, they dive into customer service and its critical role in bitcoin businesses. Focuses on overcoming challenges, developing a solid work ethic, and showing up and doing more. They discuss the pitfalls of ego and how it can be the enemy of progress while stressing the significance of leveling up and always being committed to improvement.

Topics discussed:

  • audio-only podcasting
  • production work
  • purple lights
  • talking in bits
  • kobe
  • pay it forward
  • soft touches
  • growing up
  • spinning plates
  • unchained
  • customer service
  • making hard decisions
  • k&c cattle
  • toshi
  • pleblab
  • challenges
  • work ethic
  • show up and do more
  • ego is the enemy
  • level
  • abc
  • free water guy

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