provides discounted technology hardware on an as-is and first-come-first-serve basis. Discover the parts you need to buidl your next node project. There are options out there!

In the entire history of Raspberry Pi, we have never increased the price of a product, and have often been able to reduce prices between, and sometimes within, generations. Likewise, long-term availability of our products, from stock, is a core part of our value proposition to industrial customers. But this set of temporary changes is the best way we can see to support all our customers through these strange times.

The Plebs have been wanting to get their hands on some RPi's. But since the pandemic, the global supply chain has been at a standstill. Places like Adafruit are either out of stock or have limited supply. Entire Raspberry Pi kits on amazon are going up and up at ridiculous prices.

👋 Introducing

Pleb.Parts is a new website that allows the plebs to buy affordable nodes at amazing prices! provides discounted technology hardware on an as-is and first-come-first-serve basis. The site is technically up and running, but they are only offering local pickup currently in Nashville. The site has a couple of machines for sale at Pleb prices. will be shipping to the lower 48 States soonish.

💻 Other home node options out there...

Warren has also been championing Thinkpads as an alternative to RPi's. During July, Austin Lightning Devs Warren pitched an alternative to RPi's.

World premiere of unpublished hardware mod to enable second SSD in many 2017+ Thinkpads. Redundant database is important to LN safety. This home node hardware is far more secureable, reliable, and much faster than RPi's while costs can be very low

🥷 The RoninDojo team has some very nice options👌

The team at RoninDojo develop hardware and software to make it easy for anyone to use bitcoin privately as if it were cash. Some of their products include bitcoin nodes, steel backup plates, powerful software, premium support, and a lot more coming soon. They are also working hard to increase accessibility for bitcoin users to connect their wallet to a node, use privacy-enhancing coinjoin, do their own self-custody, and so much more.

They absolutely have the cleanest hardware build out there. The RoninDojo Tanto equips you with the recommended hardware setup, stylish premium case and pre-installed RoninOS on a microSD card. You can get everything up and running in no time.

⏰ Want one in minutes? Voltage has you covered

Getting a lightning network routing node going is daunting, and Voltage makes it extremely easy to get this going in no time. Peep the fantastic documentation the team at Voltage has put together.

The Raspberry Pi has helped bring the joy of electronics and computer programming to people worldwide. Building a DIY Bitcoin node at home has been the way for many of us, but it has also become our Achilles heel in many ways. We have options if you are looking to get your hands getting a node up and running. Better yet, if you are looking to upgrade from an RPi.

DIY Bitcoin Nodes — A Project Anyone Can Do
Almost anyone can use one of these DIY Bitcoin node projects to participate in securing the network and to learn more about Bitcoin.
🤘also check out Bitcoin Magazine's full write by Anthony Feliciano on how to do this DIY.

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