Oshi Meetups have been turning up the heat here in Austin. Michael Atwood has been coordinating some amazing meetups here in the mecca. He even hosted the Austin Bitcoin Club where he was joined by bitcoin-accepting business owners from Austin and Miami.

They discussed incorporating bitcoin into their businesses, what they've learned, and how they're working to encourage other local businesses to do the same.

Lets just be honest at this point we are spoiled in Austin with Bitcoiner hangouts. We see each other at grocery stores around the bitcoin financial district. We even have our own places to work out of with Bitcoin Commons and ⚡️PlebLab. Are you new in town and want to make friends? Well Michael is making it easier for you with two amazing Oshi weekly meetups.

Bitcoin Breakfast

That same Tuesday we also meetup for bitcoin dinner. Last week was an amazing time. Myself and Dusty talked all about it on the latest pod. If your new in town and want to meet other bitcoiners come its a great time.

Bitcoin Dinner

Yes we have moar...

Michael announced today he will be hosting ABC this week at the Bitcoin Commons. So make sure to stop by for an amazing talk and RSVP before its too late.

see ya there ✌️