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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I was on a panel about fundraising recently and was asked, "general advice for founders who might want to raise money?"

  1. Be honest above all else (importantly also with yourself)
  2. Be excellent
  3. Ask rich people for money (h/t super testnet)

Have an excellent weekend, stackers!

Top Posts
  1. Trust is a Scaling Solution is a collection of essays on trust by futurepaul packaged in a brutal, nostalgic design. Why and who do we trust? Why do we betray trust? How does trust relate to money? Paul provides insight.
  2. Someone exploited a vulnerability in Robosats' on-chain swap feature earning themselves 5m sats. The vulnerability has since been closed, and was apparently caused by a race condition.
  3. LNBits shows you how to make a nostr hardware wallet for $10. They also sell them pre-made with a case for $20.
  4. Before micropayments were technically possible (ie pre-Lightning), the internet's visionaries dismissed micropayments on the grounds of decision fatigue. Brandon Lucas surveys the history of micropayments and the tech that might change it in Micropayments and the Lightning Network.
  5. Following SVB's bank run last week the US government stepped in to guarantee the deposits of SVB and any US bank in a similar position allocating two trillion dollars to the effort. The government was overheard at brunch with taxpayers explaining, "This is soooo totallllly not a bailout, it's like totally different this time, and it won't cost you anything. Another mimosa?"
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  1. Lightning Network Research Experience for U.S. Undergraduates \ UNC \ Charlotte, North Carolina
  2. Research Assistant & Ph.D. Student, Lightning Network \ UNC \ Charlotte, North Carolina
  3. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote
  4. Everything Engineer \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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