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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Have a beautiful weekend, stackers!

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  1. Ben Carman analyzed zaps on nostr and discovered 95% of zaps are to custodial wallets.
  2. The mempool became exceptionally full as of yesterday and remains so today with pending txs at ~1GB as of this writing. Transcriptions appear at least partially responsible for the blockchain usage.
  3. Balaji, most recently the author of The Network State, bet $1m that Bitcoin's price will reach $1m per Bitcoin in 90 days. tldr: most US banks are insolvent, regulators hid their insolvency, the FED is "printing" them into solvency, the CBDC trap is set (ie banks consolidating), smart money will move into Bitcoin faster than ever.
  4. @DarthCoin, never breaking from character, is unhappy with Bitkit not fixing bugs in their lightning wallet. After being banned from BitKit's telegram group, DarthCoin posted Bitkit John Carvalho - I am calling you out!
  5. The Cultural Impact of Paper Wallets is Going to Be Huge suggests Bitcoin paper wallets will someday be hunted for like treasure. I mean ... why not?
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