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  1. Five Economic Terms You Should Know When Learning About Bitcoin by @siggy47 helps us all understand our bitcoiner jargon better.
  2. FROST is multisignature protocol that uses Schnorr. Frostsnap is building devices and tools that leverage FROST for bitcoin custody. Current bitcoin multisig solutions rely on onchain threshold enforcement which is less flexible, private, and affordable than FROST promises to make bitcoin multisig.
  3. If you're curious about the recently announced third gen Phoenix wallet, @ekzyis walks us through the migration and how the app has changed in Phoenix Beta Wallet Migration. An ACINQ dev stops by to answer his questions.
  4. A wormhole attack is a fee-jacking attack on the Lightning network where two nodes on a payment route collude to steal the routing fees of the nodes between them. BTCIllustrated visually explains the attack and hints at plans for mitigation in four slides.
  5. If you're bitcoiner and there are no meetups around you, start a meetup today says @garyKrause_ drawing from his experience starting a bitcoin meetup in the Shenandoah Valley.
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