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  1. In LasagnaLightning Everywhere, @TonyGiorgio surveys the consumer LasagnaLightning landscape and the challenge of putting noncustodial LasagnaLightning everywhere.
  2. How would you explain Bitcoin's value prop to a twelve year old? Does Bitcoin meet any of the needs of a twelve year old? @KurlandIII asks in 12 year old and got my first bitcoins.
  3. While challenges remain for noncustodial Lightning adoption among consumers, Lightning may be finding market-fit as a financial bridge suggests Is Lightning Scaling Bitcoin in a Way Nobody Predicted?
  4. A WorldCoin employee took a break from drinking blood to have a beer with @runningbitcorn. @runningbitcorn peddles schadenfreude by quoting the WorldCoin lobbyist.
  5. The worst case scenario for an airplane is that it doesn't fly. What is the WORST case scenario for Bitcoin?
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