On Thursday August 25th at 10am the UNDERGROUND CITADEL comes to Austin. What is the Underground Citadel? It is a place for bitcoiners to look into alternatives in other areas of their lives. How do you escape the broken system and build the right experience going forward. Come learn how!

On Thursday August 25th at 10am the UNDERGROUND CITADEL comes to the Bitcoin Commons. Hosted by Plan B passport. The Underground Citadel is the only not-a-conference of its kind where like minded bitcoiners can discuss freely open topics about self-sovereignity.


10:00 am - Meet your tribe
10:30 am - Physical security: Martial arts, firearms and situational awareness
11:00 am - Kill your own food - time to get into hunting
11:30 am - Natural birth w/ midwife Anya Casteel
12 pm - Lunch: home-made Uzbek pilaf by Chef Andrew, chicken kebab and more.. No seed-oils.
1:00 pm - Flag theory and jurisdictional arbitrage w/ Jessica Hodlr and Katie the Russian
1:30 pm - Building a citadel: off-grid housing
2:00 pm - Unlocking your mind w/ Clancy Rodgers
2:30 pm - 3D2A w/ Joe Rodgers
3:00 pm - Sovereignty QUIZ (sick prizes)

If you are interested, make sure to get tickets and rsvp.

Antifragile guide to Austin, TX

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