Car talks with Joe Martin, a talented independent singer-songwriter and a contemporary troubadour from Lancashire. They embark on a journey through Joe's musical career, beginning with his early works and delving into his thoughts on the innovative value-for-value (v4v) models transforming the music industry today. The dialogue shifts to the influential roles of digital platforms like Wavlake and Spotify, discussing how they're redefining artists' career trajectories and the vital role of protocols. Joe opens up about his creative process, sharing personal anecdotes from his touring experiences and exciting plans for 2024. The conversation culminates in exploring the intersection between technology and music, discussing the transformative impact of Lightning in creating new revenue streams, and how focused, passionate energy is the driving force behind his artistic evolution.

Topics discussed:

  • early stuff
  • v4v
  • wavlake
  • spotify
  • rss
  • low-time pref 
  • festival
  • creative process
  • 2024
  • jetsons
  • tour
  • nashville
  • uk tour
  • culture
  • lightning
  • alby
  • nwc
  • rev streams
  • truefans
  • media publishing
  • rubber soul
  • beatles
  • focused energy
  • god only knows

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When The Time Is Right

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