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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Celebrate your independence this weekend, stackers!

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  1. Graphene OS is an Android-based smartphone OS focused on privacy and security. @siggy47 wrote A Basic Guide To Making The Switch To Graphene OS.
  2. In Solving the Bitcoin Adoption Dilemma, @CarlBMenger argues that spending Bitcoin is the surest way to increase Bitcoin adoption.
  3. Tech doesn't always get better. Sometimes new tech is old tech with different tradeoffs. @nullcount asks stackers What 10+ year old tech are you still using?
  4. CEO and Founder of Foundation Devices, Zach Herbert, writes Block's Bitkey "Hardware Wallet" will Violate your Privacy and Security. tldr a hardware wallet without a screen comes with tradeoffs.
  5. Starting off desi-hot with "there are just as many morally bankrupt grifters in Bitcoin as there are in crypto," @birdeye21 asks stackers Let's hear your controversial Bitcoin take.
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  1. TypeScript Script Interpreter & OP_Codes Library [short term contract] \ stealth \ Remote
  2. Senior Digital Product Designer (UI/UX/VX) \ Foundation \ Remote

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