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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Connect the dots this weekend, stackers!

Upcoming AMAs
  • Burak, the inventor of Ark (and infamous "breaker of lnd"), will be doing an AMA Monday June 12th at 10a CT. Come ask him the hard questions!
Top Posts
  1. What do the Grateful Dead, cypherpunks, and the EFF have in common? John Perry Barlow apparently. Having been there, @siggy47 gives us a compressed Barlow Biography in The Grateful Dead, Cypherpunks, and Bitcoin: What a Long, Strange Tale.
  2. @super_testnet is up to his antics again. This time he created Musig playground: send btc with many people while looking like just one person. Many of us haven't used Musig yet but it just got Super easy to try on testnet. Scoop: a reliable source tells me Musig Playground is a precursor to an Ark implementation.
  3. Upset that his friends might not see his goomar's latest Braciole recipe, @TonyGiorgio forked the popular Android nostr client Amethyst and created Onyx. The fork was expressly motivated by Amethyst's non-configurable crowd source censorship rules.
  4. Bitcoin vet, Austin superiority denialist, and statist seer @ODELL suspects identity verification on Twitter will slip into a social credit scoring system, aka a Blue Check Manifesto.
  5. The US government was fashionably late to their own "Are Cryptohs Securities?" reveal party charging Coinbase for Operating as an Unregistered Securities Exchange, Broker, and Clearing Agency.
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  1. Devops admin, proprietary package maintainer \ Private \ Remote
  2. TypeScript Script Interpreter & OP_Codes Library [short term contract] \ stealth \ Remote
  3. Front-end dev React \ Bit2Cash \ Better if Colombia or Remote
  4. Head of Finance (Part Time) \ Foundation \ Remote

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