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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Touch some grass this weekend, stackers!

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  1. Nobody should suggest using a Raspberry Pi for running a Bitcoin node in 2023!!! exclaims @0331a73357 arguing it's easier to find more powerful, versatile, and reliable used computers for running bitcoin nodes.
  2. Over 40 people showed up over 1st ever bitcoin meetup in Havana Cuba 🇨🇺 shows there are more bitcoiners around you than you think.
  3. @mbarulli commissioned a nostr logo and shared it in Wouldn't it be nice if Nostr had a cool logo? Here is one!
  4. The Zen of Stacking Sats On Stacker News written by @siggy47 reveals the secret of stacking sats on Stacker News: providing value.
  5. Forbes wrote an article on fiatjaf, the inventor of nostr. While they covered a lot of ground, they still didn't find out what "jaf" means.
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