Car talks with Max Webster, of Hivemind Ventures, angel investor, and previous startup founder, who is deeply passionate about Bitcoin and its role in decentralized money, the internet, and global energy solutions. They delve into the complexities of the bitcoin venture capital world, touching on the role of angels, limited, general partners and managing venture funds. Max shares insights on risk and reward in early-stage investments and emphasizes the importance of platforms like Nostr and AI. He also highlights the dynamic community of builders in Austin, reflecting on the significance of places like PlebLab.

Topics discussed:

  • pleblab
  • max
  • fund
  • bitcoin vc
  • anti-vc
  • risk
  • sats flow
  • angels
  • limited partners
  • managing partners
  • general partners
  • venture funds
  • pension funds
  • endowments
  • crypto funds
  • raising money
  • high-net worth
  • risk vs reward
  • 21 million
  • early stage
  • nostr 
  • ai
  • built different
  • stacker news
  • fountain
  • austin
  • builders
  • l2s
  • wavlake
  • abundance

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