Car talks with Mitch Klee from Foreman. Mitch discusses technical elements like hash, mining pools, block templates, and strategic factors such as fee markets in the upcoming bull run. Mitch also delves into the practicalities of mining operations, highlighting facility management, energy grids, and the effectiveness of miner software and heat maps for analysis. They dive into Foreman's all-in-one dashboard, a pivotal tool offering comprehensive control and customization in mining operations, underscoring its importance in enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Topics discussed:

  • hash
  • more hash
  • inscriptions
  • brc20
  • ordinals
  • mining pools
  • ocean pool
  • payout threshhold
  • block templates
  • stratum v1, v2
  • nonce
  • marathon
  • opt in
  • pleb miners
  • game theory
  • fee market
  • champagne
  • foreman
  • miner software
  • dashboard
  • heat maps
  • racks, containers
  • mining analysis
  • facility mgmt
  • energy grid
  • texas living
  • mempool
  • tx fees
  • halving
  • adversarial thinking
  • ice fishing
  • gulf coast 
  • pork of the sea
  • deep sea
  • no water

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