Car talks with Tony Giorgio, the Co-founder and CEO of Mutiny Wallet. They delve into the challenges and strategies for navigating the bear market as a founder, discussing the process of building, launching, and scaling a startup in a competitive and constantly evolving landscape. Emphasizing the importance of 'survivor mode' for Bitcoin startups, Tony shares insights into the complexities of being a CEO and elaborates on the unique features and security aspects of the Mutiny Wallet. The conversation further explores broader topics, including the regulatory gray areas surrounding KYC/AML, the potential of federated lightning networks, and the significance of building robust, user-friendly products.

Topics discussed:

  • nye
  • survivor mode
  • bear market
  • lightning 
  • ceo duties
  • generational
  • unicorn
  • dividends
  • bottlepay
  • startup
  • bootstrap
  • engineer
  • product 
  • building
  • launching early
  • non custodial
  • privileged lightning network
  • utxo
  • layers upon layers
  • fedi
  • ark
  • liquid
  • lightning
  • bridge
  • federated lightning 
  • kyc/aml 
  • gray area
  • builders
  • mutiny wallet release
  • pleblab mafia
  • portugal
  • 3 things
  • happiness

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