Car talks with Evan Kaloudis, the founder of Zeus. A leading open-source, self-custodial Bitcoin wallet designed for ultimate payment flexibility. Evan shares his journey as a solo founder, emphasizing the unique challenges and growth opportunities. He offers invaluable advice on the importance of instinct, core values, and unwavering conviction in one's vision. The discussion also explores the broader impact of Zeus in the ecosystem, highlighting features like the standalone Point of Sale with inventory management and integrating Nostr contacts for a more personal user experience. They delve into the significance of accessibility in Bitcoin wallets and share their thoughts on the future of lightning and the potential for disruption in traditional banking systems.

Topics discussed:

  • one man army
  • users
  • founder advice
  • built different
  • growth
  • solo founder
  • instinct
  • core values
  • kpi
  • conviction
  • what is success
  • factions
  • disruption
  • wallets
  • accessibility
  • zimbabwe
  • zeus point of sale
  • pubkey
  • olympus
  • lsp
  • vc 
  • nyc
  • failure
  • l2
  • lightning
  • fractional reserve banking
  • frances the mute
  • treasury's war

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