Car talks with Ben Price of The Bitcoin Company. They discuss building a bitcoin company with integrity. They also dive into Prime Trust, money transmitter laws, credit card fraud, OpenSats, and how to best support open-source contributors to Bitcoin.


  • opensats
  • 501(c)(3)
  • donating sats
  • river
  • tor
  • hrf
  • nye
  • ben carman
  • bitcoin travels
  • visa
  • baltic honey badger conf
  • bitcoin miami
  • austin
  • nashville
  • apple pay
  • credit card fraud
  • bitcoin founders
  • will reeves
  • texas roadhouse
  • pleb steak
  • willie nelson fun fact
  • seed oils
  • sat rewards
  • stacker news
  • international visa cards
  • non-custodial bitcoin exchange
  • prime trust
  • money transmitter license
  • foundation
  • vortex
  • open source devs
  • pleb lab
  • story time

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