Car sat down with Ben Carman, the co-founder of Mutiny, to discuss his startup journey, unpack the origins of Mutiny, and discuss the challenges and rewards of working with technical co-founders. They delved deep into the bitcoin wallet space, examining the spectrum from custodial options to the freedom of self-custodial choices. Ben emphasized the significance of the open web, Mutiny's distinct design aesthetic, and the strategic trade-offs made in the wallet space. He also underscored the importance of payment reliability, hinting at AI's potential transformative role in it.

Topics discussed:

  • bens getting stronger
  • suredbits
  • the bitcoin company
  • mutiny story
  • bens startup journey
  • technical founders
  • bitcoin wallets
  • custodial wallets
  • self-custodial wallets
  • mutiny ai
  • L402
  • machine to machine
  • payment paths
  • payment reliability
  • hackathons
  • user growth
  • leveraging the open web
  • iOS
  • satscard
  • mutiny design
  • open lsp spec
  • trade-offs
  • DLC's
  • nostr wallet connect
  • zapple pay
  • stacker news
  • satlantis
  • long september
  • singular vision

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