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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Keep it real this weekend, stackers!

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  1. Ark hopes to float in an onchain transaction flood. In Ark AMA, Burak shares Ark's corner cases and assumptions, his speculations on features, and more.
  2. Apple will remove Damus from its App Store if Damus doesn't remove user content tipping. The bridge troll demands its 30% tax for all digital content sold with the feature. @jb55 notified us he'll be removing the feature and begin work on a cross-platform app.
  3. Continuing its shenanigans, Apple also rejected v0.7.6 of Zeus, a mobile bitcoin/lightning node manager that's not an exchange, for being an exchange. After an appeal to Apple's supreme court, the mistake was corrected and Zeus v0.7.6 is now available for download.
  4. Nic Carter's rising star is in retrograde. @siggy47 shares their theories as to why and rebuts that bitcoin is a cult in Nic Carter's Tantrum.
  5. @Bitcoiner1 asks all stackers What has been YOUR BIGGEST mistake in you BITCOIN journey?
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  1. TypeScript Script Interpreter & OP_Codes Library [short term contract] \ stealth \ Remote
  2. Senior Digital Product Designer (UI/UX/VX) \ Foundation \ Remote

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