Car talks with Ge, founder of the San Antonio Bitcoin Club. Car discusses various intriguing topics surrounding NGU technology, the disruption that is taking place around the world, and a recap of the bear market. Ge describes Alamo Labs, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), local news, and the promising growth in San Antonio. The conversation delves into the role of Christianity, the importance of humility and faith, and the remarkable potential he sees in Bitcoin in South Texas.

Topics discussed:

  • ngu technology
  • sabc
  • bear market recap
  • alamo labs
  • utsa
  • local news
  • growth in sa
  • culture in sa
  • selena
  • corpus
  • meetup
  • body
  • south texas
  • valley
  • christian
  • value over time
  • fight club
  • humble
  • church
  • faith
  • super
  • digital gold
  • 2021 doc
  • light
  • lab plans

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