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  1. Lightning Village, a non-profit promoting Lightning adoption in Africa, has embraced custodial Lightning wallets. They found non-custodial Lightning wallets fail "the mom test," especially in African villages with intermittent internet and power. Archetypal moms, they argue, willfully trade privacy and sovereignty for static payment ids and offline receiving.
  2. Roy, founder and CEO of Breez, places a call to Nostr devs. Roy proposes various nostr integrations: nostr login, nostr podcast comments, and even turning Breez into a full blown nostr client.
  3. Behold FUD busters, a training field. In our first ever top bounty post, @SqNr65 offers 1000 sats for the best argument explaining why bitcoin will fail.
  4. Whistleblower and privacy activist Edward Snowden has joined nostr. He's also bullish on nostr's lightning integration. Who is next?
  5. BIP 78, aka Payjoin, specifies the receiver provide an HTTP endpoint for interaction with the sender. This imposes a significant hurdle to payjoin usage, especially for ad hoc usage. Dan Gould proposes use of a TURN relay (an intermediate node for payjoin peers to communicate through) and a secure networking scheme to clear the hurdle more easily.
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  1. Knut Svanholm, bitcoin author and former ship captain, did an AMA. We learn that Knut believes education is the bottleneck to orange-pilling, why he (like Jeff Booth) has a home in Madeira, bitcoin vs the ocean, his favorite books, and more!
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