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  1. Some thoughts on success
    • There's a lot to say about success. It's complicated. It's relevant to everything. Yet, to this editor, the inputs to self-actualizing are so numerous it's about as vulnerable to conscious thought as walking across a room is.
    • 20.9k sats \ 44 comments \ @elvismercury
  2. WW3, maybe.
  3. Optionality
    • @CarlBMenger motivates optionality, separating important options from frivolous ones, and lists the self-improvement areas that increase our options the most.
    • 12.4k sats \ 7 comments \ @CarlBMenger
  4. Where were you last halving?
    • One hundred and twenty thousand blocks ago, in May of 2020, we had our last halving. @siggy47 asks us how we spent it.
    • 3.4k sats \ 54 comments \ @siggy47
  5. Introducing Lightning Payouts - Braiins Pool - In Production (out of Beta)
    • To the delight of fee-sensitive pleb miners everywhere, Braiins mining pool begins paying out miners via lightning addresses.
    • 4.7k sats \ 30 comments \ @Wumbo
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The Stadium Built on the Equator, Where Each Team Defends a Hemisphere

images - 2024-04-19T155010.322.jpeg

In Brazil you will find Zerão, a famous football field known in English as, ‘the Big Zero’. Opened in 1990, the stadium was designed so the midfield line fell exactly on the Equator, meaning each half lies on a different hemisphere.

Although its official name is Estádio Milton de Souza Corrêa, everyone calls it Zerão

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  1. @kr: 445 days
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  5. @BitcoinIsTheFuture: 225 days

  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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